Crayfish party – a unique Swedish experience

Kräftskiva or crayfish party is a unique summer tradition that the Swedes partake in. Every year in the month of August, people of all ages get together all across Sweden to enjoy an evening of crayfish, pies and schnapps while wearing silly hats and singing funny songs! K and I were lucky to have been invited to one such party this Saturday. I was extremely … Continue reading Crayfish party – a unique Swedish experience

Best dog-parks in Stockholm

Having been in Stockholm now for almost three months, I’m beginning to realise that the city and the country are indeed quite dog friendly. Initially, in one of my earlier posts, I hadn’t been very convinced but now I’m a happy convert. Almost every other household in Sweden tends to have a pet, mostly dogs and cats, with a smattering of birds, rabbits and maybe … Continue reading Best dog-parks in Stockholm

Discovering nature – Tyresta National Park

I love walking. I think it’s one of the best ways of spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. And because of Mia, our lovely old pooch, we need to walk everyday! Hence, I am always on the lookout for new parks, forests and nature reserves that we can discover over the weekends. I have written extensively about day trips from Paris to forests such … Continue reading Discovering nature – Tyresta National Park