I just randomly googled the most popular Christmas product this year and was really surprised to find UGG’s among the top five!! They are warm & comfy…but aesthetically I find them bordering ugg-ly. Maybe my sense of fashion is horribly warped…..but really, is that the most desired product by women? Related articles UGG boots are hot for the holidays ( Continue reading UGG’s…really???

Visit to the Christmas fairyland!

Every year, the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg creates a little fairyland at Christmas time, called the Garden of Lights. Its hugely popular not only among kids, but adults as well. The place is open from 7pm to 10pm and be prepared for long queues! But don’t get scared…they move fast and in no time you will find yourself amid amazing lights with carols playing in … Continue reading Visit to the Christmas fairyland!

Re-discovering road trips – trip to The Berg

Anyone who has travelled within India would agree that long-ish road trips in India, while being fun, adventurous, exciting, etc..are unfortunately not the most comfortable or quick! Highways – where they exist – are riddled with potholes, excess traffic (and I don’t mean just automobiles) and lack basic amenities like toilets. The last being a major deterrent for female travellers. Hence, my roads trips were … Continue reading Re-discovering road trips – trip to The Berg