My first Christmas…in summer!!


HO HO HO!! Its that time of the year again….but it feels so weird…so odd…it just doesn’t feel right! Christmas in summer??!!

Hot and sultry in the day, and massive thunderstorms in the evening, accompanied by hail. Small ones if you are lucky or big golf ball-sized ones, if you have parked your car outdoors. Murphy’s law. Oh..the insurance companies actually give you a hail cover…that’s how bad it can be! Welcome to the Jozi summer.

But it’s December my brain screams. This is not how Christmas season is supposed to feel. Where is the wind, the London chill or the famous Delhi fog? And what am I going to wear to all the Christmas parties? Sweat it out in my red sweater with Xmas motifs or suffocate in the nice Zara snug-as-a-bug coat? OMG…even the clothes don’t feel Christmassy. And I haven’t even come to the food and the gluhwein yet. At 25-30 degrees, I am sure my body doesn’t need any tummy warmers. It’s pretty hot as it is :((

Yes yes, I hear you people from the southern hemisphere….so much hullabaloo about summer in December. But forgive me, I am a northerner to the core. So it IS going to take me sometime to accept this new phenomenon, if at all!

Anyhow, hubby does not seem to share the same emotions and kicking and screaming I accompany him to the mall for some Christmas shopping. The place is abuzz with holiday cheer. Happy shoppers milling around amid beautiful Christmas trees and twinkiling lights. The red and green wreaths and holly all around are slowly but surely forcing even the grouchy and unable-to-accept-Christmas-in-summer within me to give in.




It’s not that bad I tell myself. So what if I can’t wear my tall boots and snug coat – at least i have a ‘legitimate’ reason to shop !! And besides, who needs winter drinks or food to keep you warm if you are amidst your loved ones?

Its hard to resist the Christmas spirit…such is the magic it weaves all around. Now totally in its grips, we get home and hubby pulls out our Christmas tree that we have transported all the way from India.


A little bickering, some complaining, a few laughs and several hours later we finally had the tree ready!



And no tree looks complete without the presents!

So even though I am not fully prepared to accept a summery Christmas, I am not prepared to give it up either. So here is wishing all of you a very warm & fuzzy Xmas all the way from sunny South Africa!

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