A dog-being’s letter to Santa

Mia 2

For those who don’t know me, I am my mummy & daddy’s 12-week old Afrikaner puppy, Mia. Mummy says just like there are human beings, there are dog-beings too and I am a dog-being!

As a last resort, I am having to write this letter to you Santa. Over the past few days, all that my parents seem to be doing is leaving me at home and going Christmas shopping for their friends or to parties. Now that Christmas is only days away and I haven’t yet seen them bring back any presents for me, I only have you to depend on.

Here is my small puppy-dog list :

I wish my head would fit in this too
I wish my head would fit in this too

1) I have a BIG bed, but I prefer sleeping on foot-mats most of the time & I also like to chew them. Could you please get me a bigger, nicer and more chew-able one?

I want more & more & more of these!
I want more & more & more of these!

2) These are my favourite chewy toys and I love them. But as you can see, they have become old (my parents bought them when I was 10-weeks old….grrrr) & worn-out. And one of them still says PUPPY on it although I am a big girl now. Its embarrassing. My friends at the ‘puppy’ training school make fun of me. Can I have some grown up dog toys, please?

The leaves are so yumm...if only mummy would try some...
The leaves are so yumm…if only mummy would try some…

3) Mummy feeds me some great stuff. But I still like this big plant with nice poky leaves. It feels awesome when I chew it. But I am not allowed to. If I have my own tree, mummy won’t mind when I tear & chew at it.

PS: It was nice and leafy when I first saw it!!

Oh oh..caught in the act again!
Oh oh..caught in the act again!

4) Along with the tree, can I also get a small patch of flower bed too? I love digging up the soil and burying my toys! Mummy is always chasing me out of this one. She says I have already ruined it by making a big hole in the centre 😦

Its almost outside...see!
Its almost outside…see!

5) And here is my last wish…its’s more for mummy actually. You see, sometimes I am too sleepy or lazy to walk out the door to the backyard. And I just do my business under the dining table, which by the way, is just by the backyard door. So technically, its almost IN the backyard! But mummy makes too much noise when I do this. Can you please send her a potty-training book that says its OK to let Mia go here?

I know you are a busy man Santa….but please don’t forget me coz I am little. Lots of licks…woof!

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