….And Mia graduates!

Mia graduates! and no, she is not chewing her lead - that's her graduation present. A string of cookies!
Mia graduates! And no, she is not chewing her lead – that’s her graduation present. A string of cookies!

The last time I wrote about Mia was about a month and a half back, when like a worried mother of a toddler, I was hoping and praying that she would get accepted into a puppy school! Well, we have come a long way from there. Following the six weeks of obedience training (and 100% attendance), Mia graduated with flying colours. Was a very proud moment for the mummy and daddy too!

As to what all she has learnt there, ahem, the lesser said the better. JUST kidding! Going to puppy school has been very good for her…and us. She is much calmer at home and outside so I can actually sit and write now without having to check on her every second. Doesn’t drag me along with her leash anymore, unless of course she spots some birds that she wants to chase! And I have realised, I can make her do ANYTHING if I have some of her favourite treats in hand! The greedy little monkey that she is.

Now when someone comes home, after the initial pandemonium with Mia trying to jump all over them and me trying to calm her down, I proudly show off her newly acquired skills of SIT, DOWN (lying with face on the floor) and PAW (a handshake ofcourse!). The initial mis-behaviour soon forgotten.

Being at school has given her  chance to meet other pups and get comfortable around them as opposed to eying them with suspicion. Its actually quite wonderful to see pups of all shapes, sizes and colours running around and going all crazy with one another. Socialisation is a very important aspect of training a dog. At a later stage, it will help Mia to share space with other dogs, if needed. Now when we cross other dogs on our daily walks, she doesn’t go bonkers like some of them do! There is one that actually climbs onto the roof and does not stop barking until Mia is out of sight. Everytime we cross that house, I have my heart in my mouth – what if the poor thing slips and hurts itself? So far, its all been good.

Besides learning all these new tricks, our girl has also been growing in size. She has graduated from her small crate to a big kennel. The big, ugly, green kennel, however, sits firmly in our living room instead of the backyard! Try as we might, we cannot get her to move out…yet! Hoping adulthood will soon change that.

The big ugly one
The big ugly one

As much as I am looking forward to an all grown up Mia, I miss her puppy days already. The small cute chubby paws, the innocence in her face and the fact that I could pick her up and carry her when ever I wanted. It might be time to think of another one, what say you? 😉

In the interim, she is all set to go to big school for another six weeks. Yeah!

Some before and after pics!
The journey to adulthood
The baby she once was
The baby she once was

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