To market, to market!


Joburg is the Mecca of markets. I mean the artsy, funky, outdoorsy and villagey ones. Most occur once a week, usually over the weekend and some less frequently. But all of them are geared towards promoting local businesses be it food stuff, organic veggies, clothes, paintings or handicrafts.

One such market is the Irene Village Market. Situated on the Smuts House Museum grounds, about 40km north of Joburg. This market convenes every second and last Saturday of the month. It starts at 9am and its advisable to get there early as it can get very busy. Although there is ample parking available, if you get there too late, you may have to walk quite a bit.

20140224-115655.jpgThe market sells everything from delicious finger licking food to clothes, jewellery, African crafts, hande-made goods, antiques and collectibles. The atmosphere is vibrant and cheerful with people of all age groups visibly having a good time. There is a quaint little tea shop on the grounds where you can get some delectable savouries and tea under nice shady trees. Or, if you fancy trying boerewors rolls or some local delicacies, head towards the food area where there are numerous stalls selling freshly made stuff right in front of you. To sit on, there are numerous stuffed jute bags! They may not look comfy but they are. So just plonk yourself on one of these and eat away.

20140224-115551.jpgEven though this market is a bit of a drive, it’s totally worth it. if you really enjoy the outdoors and don’t fancy hanging out in a mall, this place is perfect for a Saturday morning jaunt. What’s more is that you can bring your four-legged babies too. This is the biggest selling point for me because i hate leaving Mia behind on weekends and am constantly looking for places where she can come too. she totally loves the attention she gets from people, not to mention the treats!

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