My crazy valentine :)

So I am one of those pseudo haters of Valentine’s day! Every year I huff and I puff and talk about the consumerism perpetuated by companies making cards, chocolates, teddy bears, etc. and how they force people to celebrate all sorts of days like Mothers’ day, Fathers’ day, and the mother of all days – Valentine’s day. Year after year I have tried my best … Continue reading My crazy valentine ­čÖé

48 hours in Joburg – my top picks

Johannesburg does not feature as a travel destination in most holiday-makers’ plans. It’s not really a touristy city like Cape Town – with its amazing mountain, gorgeous peaks and pretty vineyards or Durban – with its sunny beaches, colorful Indian district and the famous ‘bunny chow‘. Despite this, you may find yourself in jazzy Jozi either en-route to Kruger (its only a 5-hr drive) or … Continue reading 48 hours in Joburg – my top picks

Who would you save – the mother or her unborn child?

I am currently reading the┬áHonour by Elif Shafak, and somewhere in the beginning it talks about a woman who is having her 9th child and is confident it’s going to be a boy after 8 girls. So when, for unforeseen reasons, complications develop at the time of birth, the woman forbids the midwife to save her, and asks for the baby to be saved instead … Continue reading Who would you save – the mother or her unborn child?