Tid-bits and musings from last week

After berating myself and feeling guilty for not having written anything all of last week, I find myself back at my usual spot on the couch (much like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory), only to stare blankly at my lap top screen. It’s not the lack of an idea that’s keeping me but rather the multitude of them that has left me so confused.

I seem to be unable to decide which one to really write about. Should I talk about the most recent book I read or should discuss how the incessant rain that has plagued most of SA since last week, showing no signs of relenting, has affected the power grids and my life thereof or better still – should I just add MY two bits to the ongoing live broadcast of the Oscar Pistorius trial? To be honest, I have spent most of  last week glued to the telly, following this saga. Its a tragic yet epic story that’s unfolding right before our eyes. For those who aren’t aware, Oscar Pistorius is a South African Paralympics champion who has been accused of pre-meditating the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Ironically, he shot her dead last year on Valentine’s Day, claiming he mistook her for an intruder. The media is awash with the minute-by-minute details of the court proceedings and I guess I should just let them do the talking.

Another thing that has had me checking news updates every hour has been the disappearance of the Malaysian Air Boeing 777 –  the greatest mystery of all. How is it possible that in today’s day & age, despite having technology that can track and locate anything, even the minutest of things, an entire plane can go missing, without a trace?

With so much going on, on TV, its no surprise I haven’t been able to write in a week! But in all fairness, it’s actually the rain that has kept me indoors and has prevented me from exploring the beautiful city and thereby sharing my experiences. But not for long I hope.

Being cooped up indoors and not being able to go for regular walks has been getting to little Mia as well. She has been a nutcase all week and I have had to escape to the detestable malls for short periods just to get some peace and quiet. I guess I should quickly walk her now before the skies open up again and the Oscar trial resumes after lunch!

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