Heaven on earth

It was a typical Sunday morning. I woke up after a good night’s sleep. Not sure mommy slept very well though coz I caught her sitting up and staring at me a few times during the night. She also poked me in the ribs with her foot several times. Guess she was chasing some bad people in her dreams. Poor mommy. Wish I could help but I didn’t want to move. I was so comfy sprawled across the nice big bed with my head resting on her legs.

Sunday mornings are usually laid back with mommy and daddy lazing in bed until one of them realises its time for my breakfast. I am usually not that fussy about when I get to eat and am pretty happy to just chill with them. But today was a bit different. They were up and about early and my food was served even before I was fully awake. Wonder what was cooking!

I saw mummy getting my stuff together. She usually gets my bag ready on Saturdays when I go to dog school. But I had already been there yesterday. Had she forgotten? She shouldn’t drink so much wine, it messes with her head sometimes. Anyway, I decided to carry on with my day as I was sure she would soon realise her mistake.

But that was not to be. She came around with my leash and before I knew it, all three of us were in the car, heading out. For a split second I panicked. I thought we might be headed to the guy down the road who had jabbed me with several needles the last time I was there. For an entire day, I had to walk around in a daze. But thankfully I saw the car turn the other way. Phew!

Maybe we were going to one of the farmers’ markets. I love those. Rows after rows of awesome food. And so many nice people who always stop to treat me! Just the thought was making my mouth water. It was going to be an awesome day.

After what seemed like ages, we stopped and I was asked to get out. I gladly did so because car rides always make my stomach go whoosh-whoosh. But where were we? I couldn’t smell any food. No boerewors on the braai, no biltong, no cheese. All I could smell were other dogs, lots of dogs. And then I saw them – jumping out of cars, coming out of bakkies, some running, some waddling, some pulling, some dragging, in all shapes and sizes. They were all headed towards the green patch beyond the wire fences. Only then it dawned on me – we were at a doggie park!!!

I had been to parks before but they were nothing like this one. This one was big and green and wonderful, with so many new dogs to play with. It even had a stream of water running right through the middle and when I was too hot and tired, I jumped right in. Mommy and daddy didn’t mind, even when I came out soaking wet and jumped right on them!


I spent a wonderful few hours just running around and making new friends. Most were really sweet and friendly but a few I preferred to stay away from as they looked like big bullies. One of the sweet ones even showed me where to get into the water from as I was scared initially, never having come across a running stream before.

I was exhausted by the time we were ready to head home and slept all through the way back. But it was the awesomest Sunday ever and I want to thank mommy and daddy’s friends who took us there. Lots of licks and woofs.


That's me all passed out after a long and tiring day!
That’s me all passed out after a long and tiring day!

PS: I hope we go there soon again as I am already dreaming about it!


Some details for other doggies and their owners who live in Johannesburg:

Dog walking heaven: Emmarentia dam http://www.jhblive.com/live/venue_view.jsp?venue_id=14832

Entrance: Free. Look for the entrance that allows dogs.



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