A necessary evil


I have been looking forward to the Easter break for the longest time. My family is visiting from India and we are going away to the lovely wetlands of St.Lucia, a world heritage site in Zululand. But now that it is here, I am not so sure. Not for the lack of wanting an adventure or the excitement of seeing a new place, but because we have to leave little Mia behind.

Its sad to go on a holiday without the adorable mutt but it’s not always practical to take her along either. We had an awesome time when we went on a week long trip to the Western Cape. Mia was the perfect traveler – sleeping through most of the long drives and not forcing us to make unnecessary pit stops along the way.

This time however, most places we will be visiting, are not pet friendly. The nature reserves and the wetlands do not allow pets as they have their own wild animals. We wouldn’t want Mia to become someone else’s dinner!!

Blissfully unaware, she will be dropped off at the boarding school (read kennel) for the very first time, later today. It looked like a nice and friendly place when I checked it out and hopefully she will make a lot of new friends that she can ‘see’ and ‘chat’ with, but not really touch (they don’t allow dogs to mix freely for the obvious reasons).


Like our previous dogs, and most dogs in general, I am sure she will settle in comfortably but as a mommy, I worry. Will she miss us? Will she eat? Hope she won’t be cold or scared. Hope she makes friends. It goes on….

Well, I won’t know the answers to any of these unless she actually a goes to the kennel! And who knows, she might actually love it. It’s like a holiday home for her too.

Until then, I can just hope and pray. Like all mothers.

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