I buy wine, I drink wine…and now I even blend wine!

Recently my friends and I decided to go to another Savvy Sisters’ wine event, the previous one being a real fun evening of Bubbly and cake’. Savvy Sisters is a ladies-only wine club that hosts events in different locations across Jo’burg every month. So far I have only been to two, and wasn’t disappointed. The club provides a great opportunity to meet new people, catch-up with old friends and discover new eateries – all in all, a great reason to be out and about!

So on a cold winter’s evening, three of us trooped to Toni’s Pizza in Craighall Park, hoping to get warmed up with some excellent wine and yummy pizzas. The evening’s presenter was Elasbe Lategan from the Babylonstoren Vineyards, one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms, and she was going to show us how to ‘blend’ wines!

Each table was provided with five varieties of red wine – Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, and an empty jar to mix the wines in. Elasabe was going to take us through each wine individually and after tasting all of them, each table was to create their own blend of wine using all or some of the five wines. She would then taste the blends and name a winner!

The different reds that we were meant to blend
The different reds that we were meant to blend
All the ladies listening carefully
All the ladies listening carefully

After diligently tasting each wine and listing its attributes in very un-wine like manner, using verbs such as ‘too strong’, ‘heavy’,  ‘ok ok’, we decided to try a few blends. The first ones with Malbec as the base, turned out to be too acidic and a waste of the lovely Malbec. So finally, after getting a few more pointers from Elasbe on blending, we decided to use the Merlot as base and added small quantities of Cab Franc and Malbec to it, topping it off with a little Petit Verdot. After much debate and throwing around of very creative names, we decided to call our concoction Dis-Guis.

Hard at work! Blending is no joke :)
Hard at work! Blending is no joke 🙂

Patiently waiting for Elasbe to judge the blends, we sat there chit-chatting, eating our pizzas and drinking copious amounts of wine. The evening could not have gotten any better. But much to our surprise, Dis-Guis had won! Our table seemed to have created the perfect blend, beating the other five. We were ecstatic. The evening had indeed gotten fabulous.

After some more wine drinking and a little more gossiping, our merry party of three finally made our way home, happily clutching on to the bottle of wine and olive oil we had each won.


The grand prize
The grand prize


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