13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Lovin’

  1. The sand sculptures are incredible and I have a soft spot for harbours… beautiful shot. Haha! As for the third, it seems rather cheeky to me: I can tell from the shadow that what was intended as a victory sign would have quite a different meaning in the UK πŸ˜‰

      1. Well, the victory sign in the UK is the same in reverse: so if you want to show the sign for victory, your palm with the in-turned fingers has to be visible to the person too.
        If you show it the other way around: with the viewer seeing the back of your hand with the same sign, it means F off: it comes from the times when British archers were fighting the French. The French used to cut off their two fingers when they caught them so that they could no longer fight as archers, so as a sign of insult to their wanna-be captors, they would show them their two fingers — or so at least the legend goes πŸ˜€

      2. Happy to explain, Mia: it is such a history-driven and place-specific curiosity that I would be surprised if many knew of it outside the rainy island.

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