A walk through quirky Braamfontein


I’ve been meaning to do this for very long – just walk through Braamfontein aimlessly, casually observing the quirky neighbourhood, discovering the different cafes that dot the streets, having a coffee here, a sandwich there and just enjoying a day out!

Braamfontein is an offbeat neighborhood in central Joburg that has undergone some remarkable redevelopment over recent years. It has now become a cultural and shopping hub in the inner city with branded and local shops lining the streets along with dozens of restaurants serving local and international food.

The Grove in Braamfontein
The Grove in Braamfontein

So finally, armed with a list of places and streets, I arrived at Braamfontein.  Parking is available along most streets but its paid. So after paying a parking marshall, I headed off to my first stop – the Post.

Known of its coffee and delicious pesto and brie sandwiches, the Post is located at the trendy 70 Juta Street. The address also houses several fashionable shops and boutiques.

Don’t miss the red post box in the corner! Post cafe


Although I didn’t try the food, (was saving my appetite for another cafe), I was very happy with my coffee. Seated at the window, I enjoyed watching the world go by on a busy Wednesday morning.

Re-fuelled and ready, it was time to start my walkabout. Down Juta and along Melle and De Korte streets…walking towards whatever caught my fancy. On the way I passed several other cafes – Father Coffee (had a really good cuppa here the last time I was in the area), Velo, Doubleshot and Motherland Coffee (they have several outlets and the one in Rosebank is very good too). Braamfontein is a coffee lovers’ delight!!

motherland Coffee
Motherland Coffee

The area has several nice eateries too but I wasn’t really in the mood of checking out any restaurants. I did pass by the Lamunu and the Smokehouse & Grill.

Having satiated my walking urges, I headed towards Daleahs. Its a delightful little cafe that I had been meaning to try. Similar to other places, most tables were occupied by people holding work meetings, students working on presentations, girls engrossed in girly chit chats or people like me – simply soaking in the vibes. Most of these cafes offer free wi-fi that is put to ample use! After a delicious iced tea and some mexican tramezzini, it was time for me to head back.

Until next time Braamies!!

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