Mia turns one!!


I have been waiting for Mia, (the dog and not the blog!) to turn one…and she finally did this week! Since Mia is a rescue pup, no one really knows her actual date of birth. We were only told that the litter was born sometime in the second half of September. So adding K’s and my birth dates, I decided that 23rd September would be the little monkey’s birthday!

Obviously the little munchkin did not know what all the fuss was about – with me going nuts trying to get her to wear a party hat! Having failed the first two times, I finally managed to get a picture before she tore the hat to pieces.


Mia only had eyes for the cake on the table though. It was as if she knew that it was her’s and her’s alone! I had baked a carrot and peanut butter cake, which is fine for dogs to eat. She devoured half the cake at lightening speed – my efforts were not a waste thankfully.

The lucky dog received some new toys and chews as pressies, most of which did not even see the end of the day! Later in the evening, she also got to go to her favourite park and spend some time with her friends, regaling the events of the day I suppose.

Looking forward to many more years of happiness and companionship……

Waiting patiently...
Waiting patiently…

11 thoughts on “Mia turns one!!

  1. Congratulations Mia! What a beautiful dog! Make me miss mine! I had to adopt him away one weeks ago 😦
    I love the cake! I did not know it was cakes like that for dogs! Enjoy your time!

  2. Awww. Happy birthday Mia-the-doggie. Doesn’t Mia-the-blog also get a happy birthday? Do we all get cake for that one? 🙂

  3. Hi namrata, I read your blogs really nice. this is Saloni Kukreja I am from Delhi as well shifting to johberg would like to connect and speak to you please let me know where do I connect you. If I could contact you through face book would be really nice. My Facebook is Saloni Kukreja Anand. Awaiting for your reply thanks. And happy birthday to Mia

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