Daily Dish – a new way of cooking!

Tahini steak with dukkah crusted butternut
Tahini steak with dukkah crusted butternut

While I like stirring up some exciting new dishes every now and then, I am not a big fan of everyday cooking. But last week was an exciting one in the kitchen! Thanks to a contest hosted by another Joburg blogger – 2Summers, I won a week’s free trial of this new service in SA called the Daily Dish.

It’s an extremely simple idea that works very well for anyone who is either too busy to come home and cook everyday, or someone who loathes cooking (me!) or simply someone who cannot be bothered (me again – most days)! Daily Dish is an online service that lets you choose from three menu options – Classic, Low Carb and Vegetarian. You can choose portion sizes for two or four. Each menu option offers four dinner recipes that change weekly, and they deliver ALL the ingredients that you would need to cook these easy-peasy dishes, right  at your door-step. It’s that simple!

So last Monday, my box of goodies was delivered at home just after 1pm. What really impressed me was how each item was neatly packed, in individual bags and labelled with best before dates. The only thing Daily Dish asks you to use from your pantry is salt, pepper, olive oil or butter! The rest is all taken care of.

All the ingredients
All the ingredients

As for the pricing, at first it appeared to be a tad on the higher side. But after trying the service and the meals, I found the value per person to be really competitive. A classic menu for two is priced at R590 per week (R74 per person/per dish); the low carb is R690 (R78 per person/per dish) and the vegetarian option is R540(R68 per person/per dish).

The other thing is that when you sign up, it doesn’t mean that you have to order the meals every week. There is no fixed contract period. You can stop or pause the service any week and resume again when you are ready! This kind of flexibility makes Daily Dish quite unique. And since everything can be managed online, it’s quite hassle free.

For me, the biggest plus is not having to think about what to cook each evening. And not having to shop for groceries, is an additional plus plus! Although my trial week is over, I am all set to continue my Daily Dishes!

Low carb chicken lazone
Low carb chicken lazone
Pakistani kima
Pakistani kima


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