A typical ‘gluttonous’ weekend in Jozi


My weekend started early last week. There were so many things in my calendar, that I had to begin on Thursday evening itself!

First, there was the girls’ wine tasting event (Rose for Cansa) on Thursday – I am told approximately ZAR 6000 was raised. Not bad at all…drink more wine I say!

Then on Friday, after K ditched me for an office party I decided to try out quaint old Erwin’s in Parkmore with a friend. There were several Halloween events all over the city, but I preferred a quiet dinner to some ghoulish evening of drinking and dancing (just the old age I suppose).

Saturday morning was a mad dash from one market to another (this is one of  my favourite weekend activities). I had never been to The Collective, which is a monthly lifestyle market. It takes place on the first Saturday of every month at 9, Kramer Road, Kramerville. This area is also the primary design and decor hub – with shop after shop selling designer furniture, home furnishings, lighting solutions and a whole lot of knick knacks.


The Collective, however, was set up to provide an opportunity to new and upcoming local designers, who may not have any permanent retail space, to showcase their products and interact with customers directly. Apart from clothes, jewellery, fabrics and furniture from niche designers, the other attraction of this market comes from food trucks! Gourmet street food is the buzz these days.

After K bought me an early Christmas present – a bright blue hand bag, it was time to move on to the next event. The Belgian Chamber of Commerce had organised a Belgian Market day at the Fourways Farmers’ Market venue, to showcase all things Belgian. From their highly acclaimed beer to chocolates, pancakes and other eats – the market was a foodie’s delight.

Having stuffed ourselves with some Poffertje’s (Dutch pancakes) and beer, we finally headed home.



Sunday was more relaxed with just a friend’s birthday lunch at the Full Stop Cafe. This is the same place where the Thursday night wine event was held – either I go out too much or there aren’t enough places left in Jozi! This time however, I got a chance to try their regular menu. We shared a pizza and some foccacia  – both were pretty good. The cocktails were very well made and potent too. Service was prompt and efficient. In all – a happy birthday indeed.

The long lunch was followed by an evening of Indian Chaat at a friend’s place! Of all the Indian food, the mere mention of chaat makes me drool. These are savoury snacks that are usually sold on the roadside all over India. Mostly fried, they range from crispy fried potatoes, fried dough, chickpeas, puffed rice, etc. served with sauces made from yogurt, tamarind, mint, coriander and chilli. Each dish is unique and indescribable! (Pics below)

I had to literally pull myself away in order to stop eating. My stomach was full but my mind was not satiated! With this ended my weekend of gluttony but not without the promise of many more.

There is the Huddle Park Beer fest and the Sanlam Food & Design Festival in Hyde Park this weekend to look forward to. And then I wonder why I seem to grow bigger despite all the gym visits. Sigh.


Indian Chaat
Indian Chaat

PS: some pictures of various Indian Chaats. Courtesy – Panch Pakwan blogspot, Google and Youtube.

In Joburg, if you ever want to try these mouth watering delights, either head to the Killarney Mall (Mumbai Masala) or Fordsburg.

2 thoughts on “A typical ‘gluttonous’ weekend in Jozi

  1. @Namz: Very interesting to read about your early weekend food market fest!! Coincidently, I spent the afternoon at London’s Camden Market today and treated myself and a friend visiting from Hong Kong to some “Nostalgic” Mac & Cheese. Needless to say it was polished off in a few minutes flat and chased by warm and cosy spiced cinnamon Apple Cider (beautiful on a cold winter day here)! Yummy yummy, as we sat around the unbelievably historic cobblestone streets of London’s Camden Town…

    I have a question: Since when does an American Taco Van sell Peppermint Crepes!?! 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

    1. Haha…eagle eyes Saket! Even I didnt notice the crepes. ..well in the van’s defense..its south african and not American! And we like a good medley 😉
      I miss camden…had some very fun visits. Soon soon! And thanks for reading my blog.

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