Norwood, A Restaurant Destination: Part 2

Image courtesy - Thava restaurant
Image courtesy – Thava restaurant

As promised, I am back with more yummylicious places in Norwood. In Part 1 of this series, I covered the Italian restaurant, Nonna Mia’s and the Schwarma Co., a quintessential Turkish eatery.


Just down the road from Schwarma Co., is another Mediterranean restaurant called Zahavas. This place has more Middle Eastern undertones and besides the usual hummus, tahini and babaganoush, serves a variety of Israeli food from the Shakshooka (eggs baked in fragrant tomato sauce) to the Zivas (traditional flaky bread served with fillings) and Latkes (potato pancakes).

In addition to the traditional kosher food, Zahavas also serves salads, sandwiches, burgers, tagines and an all-day breakfast.

On my visit to the place, I tried the Israeli Ziva, which came with hummus, tahini, babaganoush and Israeli salad; while my friend went with the server’s recommendation and ordered a Chicken Mayo Ziva – bread stuffed with chicken, mayo and spring onions.

Zahavas also serves its own version of home-made lemonade, which I found very interesting and refreshing. This lemonade is made with crushed ice, a generous quantity of fresh mint and fresh lemon juice. There is more mint in this drink than lemon!

ZahavasZahava OutdoorsThava

Amidst all the gastronomical delights that Norwood has to offer, how can Indian food be far behind! Thava is a Indian restaurant, serving dishes from all across the sub-continent. Located at the corner of Grant Avenue and Grove road, Thava is one of my favourites when it comes to Indian food.

The food ranges from delectable kebabs from their tandoor (a cylindrical clay or metal oven used for baking and cooking) to the spicy South Indian chicken 65 and fried idlis. Dosas (crispy pancakes made from rice batter) are also served here and can be had plain or with a filling (chicken or potato).

The curries range from the mild butter chicken to the more spicy vindaloo. A large variety of vegetarian dishes and lentils (dal makni, dal tadka) are also on offer. Most of the curry dishes come with a serving of rice but it’s imperative to try the freshly made breads – naan, paratha or the roomali roti. My personal favorite is the Kerela Paratha with Chicken Chettinadu. Although a tad spicy, the heavenly flavours keep me going back for more!

Image courtesy - Thava restaurant
Image courtesy – Thava restaurant

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