Pet Friendly Restaurants in Johannesburg


People with pets are always looking for places they can take their pets to. Most of us loathe to leave them behind, especially over weekends, when we go out for a cuppa or a nice lunch. And that is when you realise how amazing Joburg is. There are tons of restaurants, cafes, parks and markets that are pet friendly. So you can easily spend an entire day out with your dog – walking in Emmarentia, grabbing a bite somewhere in Parkhurst or stopping by one of the many weekend markets (Irene, Fourways Farmers Market, Bryanston Organic Market, etc)!

As most of you may already know, we adopted Mia – the dog being, only after moving to Joburg. As a trailing spouse, with no job or friends, I was going nuts but Mia saved the day. So I am constantly exploring the city for parks, cafes, outdoor events and festivals that she can go to.

One of the best areas to take dogs to, is Parkhurst, a small suburb near Rosebank. 4th Avenue is lined with eateries, and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a pet friendly restaurant here. You can tell that this street and its people welcome dogs by the number of water bowls that are scattered on the sidewalk! On any given day, you will see several dogs leisurely walking down the street or quietly chilling in a restaurnt whilst their owners grab some lunch with friends.

2015-01-25 12.27.21

Paw friendly restaurants in Parkhurst are:

Melissa’s, The Food Shop


Rocket Restaurant (they even allow them inside!)

Possum’s Bistro and Deli

Nice on 4th

Vovo Telo

4th Avenue Coffee Roasters

Espresso Caffe and Bistro

The Fullstop Cafe (this one is on 7th Avenue)

(These are the ones that are known to me but there maybe several others. The best way to find out is to stop and ask! If a restaurant has an outdoors seating, most likely your little friend will be allowed)

Pet friendly cafes:

Salvation Cafe, 44 Stanley, Milpark

Vovo Telo, 44 Stanley, Milpark

Delta Cafe, Craighall Park

CNR Cafe, Craighall Park

Burnside’s Cafe, Craighall Park

Doppio Zero, Greenside

River Cafe Sandton, Sandton Field and Study Centre

Vovo Telo, Grayston Drive, Sandton

Arbour Cafe & Courtyard, Birdhaven

Voodoo Lily Cafe, Birdhaven

Pet friendly pubs/bars:

Stanley Beer Yard, 44 Stanley, Milpark

Beer House, Pineslopes Fourways

Pet friendly restaurants

Moyo, Zoo Lake

In my earlier posts, I have covered some dog friendly parks in Johannesburg. You can find them here, here and here.


8 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Restaurants in Johannesburg

  1. My problem is that my two kids are rather large. They are well trained, but I would not let them off lead with other dogs around. They are okay with people if they don’t invade the dogs’ space, but I would have a problem if other dogs came up to them and sniffed them. They go everywhere in the car with me and love it when I go to the shop. Of course I only take them on quick trips for a loaf of bread or something, not a shopping expedition ! I’ll have to check out all the places you mentioned and see if there are any where the kids will be suitably on their own and not have other dogs on top of them. Thanks for the info. I must check out your “parks” blogs as well.

    1. Yes, do check out the restaurants in Parkhurst. You could, maybe, get a corner table where your babies will be away from passer-bys and other dogs. All dogs are always on leash so it should be ok. But the parks are a different ball game – most dogs run off lead. But Emmarentia is huge. So maybe you could find a quiet spot, where there are few or no dogs. I have found that on weekdays, it is pretty quiet.

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