Smokehouse and Grill – we finally ‘smoked’ it up in Braamfontein


Last month I wrote a post on the ‘Best Steakhouses in Joburg‘, and I mentioned that I was yet to try the Smokehouse and Grill, but had heard great things about the place. Well, finally K and I, with a large group of friends, made it to the Grill and we weren’t disappointed.

Located on Juta Street in the heart of Braamfontein, this eatery is full of vibe, especially over the weekends. It’s always buzzing with people and you will find a steady stream of customers waiting patiently for their turn. We were smart enough to book a table but when we arrived there was a large group occupying our table. Apparently, they had come for lunch and had stayed on until 8pm!! That’s the kind of place Smokehouse is – you just don’t wanna leave! The owner however, was very kind and once we were seated, he treated us to free shots of Jägermeisters! Now who wouldn’t warm up to him after that?


The service was efficient and cheerful throughout the evening, even though the place was packed with customers. For starters, most of us ordered the Jalapeno bacon poppers. The peppers for once, were really hot and the bacon had a lovely smokey flavour (as their name suggests – the Smokehouse does smoke all their meats). The creamy-cheesy dip was really awesome and even though the poppers were gone, we did not send back the dip until we had literally licked the bowl clean. Sorry, I was too busy eating to take any pictures! K had ordered the Chilly Cheese Fries and he loved them. I on the other hand, am not a fan of soggy fries.

Although we were a large group, when it came to the mains, most of us stuck with pork ribs and burgers, but it was the pulled pork sandwich that was the real winner. The sandwich looked huge (and was huge!) and my friends loved it. It was a slow smoked shoulder of pork served with in a bun with coleslaw, BBQ sauce and fries.


Coming to the ribs, the menu offers a selection of three different types – Baby Back Pork Ribs, St. Louis Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs. The Baby Back ribs basically have more meat and less bones while the St. Louis has lesser meat. Beef ribs were just what the name suggests – beef ribs! All of these can be ordered as a full or a half portion and are served with nice crispy fries. I had a half portion of the St. Louis ribs while some friends tried the Baby Back. Both were delicious and the sticky sauce was yummy. However, I felt that mine could have done with a little more sauce.

St. Louis Ribs (don't judge the dish by this picture. It was yummm!
St. Louis Ribs (don’t judge the dish by this picture. It was yummm!

K ordered the Chilli Relish Burger, which looked rather small when compared to the pulled pork sandwich, but was really good as well. It consisted of a pure beef patty which was served with jalapenos and red chili relish.

All of us wiped our plates clean and there were no takeaways! This speaks volumes about the food, especially when the quantities are enormous. Unfortunately, we were too stuffed to try any desserts.

Smokehouse was everything I expected, and a little more! If you are a burger and fries kinda person, this is the place to indulge. But do book a table if you happen to go over the weekends.

Chilly Relish Burger
Chilly Relish Burger


Address: 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat, 11:30am-10:30pm.

Sun: closed

Parking: adjoining streets

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