Getting to Know King Tut

King TUT's most famous mask
King TUT’s most famous mask

TUTANKHAMUN, possibly one of the best known of the Egyptian pharaohs, was the 11th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty and ruled from 1332 B.C to 1323 B.C. The boy king lived a very short life and died early at the age of 17 or 19 years. While his reign was of little significance in the ancient Egyptian history, the discovery of his almost intact tomb in 1922, is what made him famous. Young Tut was the son of the powerful Akhenaten, who was a heretic and chose to believe in only one god, Aten, over all others. He also moved the capital to Armana and named his son Tutankhaten – which means “Living Image of Aten”. Akhenaten’s reign was marked by intense political and social turmoil. Once Tutankhamun came to power, he reversed his father’s decree and moved the country back to the old religion. He also moved the capital back to Memphis and changed his name to Tutankhamun, which means “Living Image of Amun”.   wpid-tut.jpgwpid-mummies.jpg After his early death (the cause of which remains uncertain), King Tut disappeared from history and nothing was known about him until Howard Carter, a British archaeologist discovered his tomb in 1922 in the Valley of Kings. This tomb was the best preserved of all the tombs found and had almost all its treasures intact, sparking a lot interest across the world. A reconstruction of King Tut’s tomb in its original format and all the treasures found within by Carter have been on display at the Silverstar in Johannesburg since December! K and I finally managed to see this exhibition over the weekend and were blown away by it. The replicas looked completely real and the audio guides were very detailed, with extra information provided with each display. Walking through relics dating back 3000 years was really fascinating and being a history buff, I happily lapped it all up. The exhibition will close on 12th April and I would really recommend making the drive if you are of a historical bent of mind. Information: Address:

Silverstar Casino & Hotel, Muldersrift, Mogale City
Opening Hours:
Sun to Thu  – 9am-7pm
Fri & Sat  – 9am to 9pm

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