Belgian Waffles in the East Rand – Café Bruegel

Yes, you read it right – the East Rand! Not many look towards the East when looking for places to eat. But contrary to popular belief, area like Edenvale, Linksfield, Boksburg, etc., do have some lovely places. One of the many and my favourite is the Red Door Cafe. You can read about it here. Recently, I came across Café Bruegel, which was being touted as … Continue reading Belgian Waffles in the East Rand – Café Bruegel

A Candid Conversation – Xenophobia

For the past week or so, South Africa has been marred by violence of the homegrown variety – not terrorists, not international, but violence by South Africans towards their friendly neighbours and brothers from Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, etc., who have been living in South Africa for years, trying to seek better lives against all odds. Xenophobic attacks that started in Durban have spread to Joburg, but … Continue reading A Candid Conversation – Xenophobia