Dolphin View Chalets, Storms River

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When planning a road-trip with a canine, especially one as young and boisterous as mine, one has to be very careful whilst selecting the right accommodation. So when I was finalising the Easter weekend trip to the Tsitsikamma (you can read about the trip here and here), I realised that I would need a place where Mia, our dog, could run freely and be ok if we left her alone for a few hours. With so many hikes and activities in Tsitsikamma, this was unavoidable.

Trawling through various pet friendly accommodation options, of which there aren’t too many, I settled on a small place called Dolphin View. The chalets looked nice, clean and basic. But what really caught my eye was the view – all the chalets supposedly overlooked the ocean! What could be prettier than that I thought! So not expecting much from the rooms themselves, I booked the place after Barbara, the sweet old owner of the place assured me that I could leave Mia with them or in the chalet for a few hours and they would look after her. I was sold.

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The approach to Dolphin View is a tad difficult. The place is located a few kilometers outside the main village and the lats 5kms of the road are gravel. Although you do not need a 4×4, you need to be a little careful, especially if it rains. The drive takes you past a farm and another resort called Misty Mountain Reserve.

Even when driving to the place, I wasn’t expecting much. Most pet friendly places are usually just basic and as long as they are clean, K and I don’t mind. But what we saw completely blew us away. A pretty house located at the edge of the cliff, beautiful green grass and the deep blue ocean beyond. Just looking at the place and breathing the clean, fresh air completely refreshed us.


On hearing us approach, Barbara came out to welcome us and to show us around. She and her friend, Elle Marie run the place and are available at all times to help and advise should you need anything. Barbara showed us to our chalet, which was the first one. There are four chalets, equipped to cater to couples and families alike. Each chalet has its own braai, located right in front, overlooking the ocean. These self-catering units are fully equipped with a hob, microwave, toaster, utensils and a fridge. Being the Easter weekend, Elle Marie had been really thoughtful and had baked some cooked and muffins for all the guests. A really sweet touch indeed.

I was so thrilled to have found such a lovely place run by such nice people, that I would have been happy to just lounge around and not leave the chalet all weekend! Since I couldn’t do that, we did the next best thing – braai in the evening, whilst enjoying some wine and the amazing views.

Despite the storm and the constant rain all weekend, we really enjoyed our stay here. And since I missed seeing a lovely sunset, I can’t wait to go back soon!

PS: This is not a sponsored post. We paid for our own accommodation

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