A Long Overdue Visit to Delta Cafe and Delta Park

wpid-img_20150608_094912.jpg Delta Cafe has been on my list for for a long time now. Unfortunately, the last time I was in the area, the cafe was closed for a private party. The biggest allure of this place has been the fact that its pet friendly! So I had been yearning to take Mia, our dog-being, with. In the past, we have almost always ended up stopping at the popular eateries in Parkhurst, located just around the corner from Craighall and we never really made it further. But finally this weekend I managed to convince K to make a trip all the way to Craighall!  This small and quaint cafe is located just off Marlborough Road. It has a few tables inside but most of the seating is outdoors, under nice big trees. When we arrived, the cafe was almost full, buzzing with kids and dogs! Almost each table had at least two dogs. It was a win-win for all! The atmosphere was relaxed with a happy vibe going around. Despite being a little windy outside, we did not mind the chill. Our warm cups of coffee arrived soon enough.


The menu at Delta Cafe is not huge but there are enough options for breakfast and a light lunch. K ordered a pancake while our friend opted for one of the flatbreads. Unfortunately, our waitress served us the wrong flatbread but it was replaced as soon as the mistake was brought to her attention. I decided to have a penne Arrabiata. While the pasta tasted great, my only complaint was that the portion size was really small. Not an issue you encounter often in South Africa!


After eating our fill, it was time to explore the park. There is an entrance just at the other end of the cafe, which is really convenient. Delta Park offers 104 hectares of open space for joggers, walkers, bikers and dog walkers. It also has a nice little stream, Braamfontein Spruit, running through it and there are numerous walking and biking trails all around the park. Being winter, the foliage is a bit brown and sparse at the moment, but come summer, the park will be lush and green as any other. We met several groups of families, enjoying the Sunday sun and getting a bit of exercise. Mia also had her fill of aimless wanderings in a new place and even managed to make a few friends! Both the park and the cafe are highly recommended if you are in the area. Information on Delta Cafe: Address: 20 Marlborough Road,Craighall Park, Craighall, Johannesburg Opening hours: Mon to Sun, 8am-5pm Pet friendly wpid-img_20150608_094939.jpg

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