A Bigger and Better Fiesta Latina this year


Fiesta Latina brings the flavours of South America to Joburg every year. Delicious food from across the oceans, traditional music and dances and lots of Latin America fun with family and friends is what has made this festival so popular not only among the large Latino diaspora in Joburg but also among the local South Africans and food lovers like me, who wouldn’t mind spending a day in the sun, exploring a new culture.

The festival was held on Saturday, 13th May, at the Marks Park main grounds in Emmarentia. The venue this time was much larger than last year (you can read about it here), as was the crowd. People kept pouring in throughout the day, to get a taste and feel of the Latin American magic.
Argentinian Asado (top) and Peruvian Picarones (below)
Soft shell tacos
Soft shell tacos
The main attraction as always was the food! There were stalls selling Mexican nachos and tacos, Argentinian asado (meat grilled over charcoal), Colombian empanados with a choice of fillings, Peruvian Picarones (a soft fluffy doughnut covered in syrup) and freshly made Spanish Paella. Colombian hot chocolate and coffee from Guatemala also kept visitors warm on the cold winters day. Live music and traditional dances such as Flamenco and salsa were also showcased at the festival. The festivities continued late into the evening, with adults and children dancing away to peppy Latino beats.
Asado being grilled (top), The cheerful lady making the paella (below)
Asado being grilled (top), The cheerful lady making the paella (below)


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