Weekly Photo Challenge – ROY G. BIV

This week’s challenge is to show all the seven colours of the rainbow – ROY G BIV. So what better place to start, but India, with its colorful culture and way of life! 

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – ROY G. BIV

  1. Wonderful photos for this week’s challenge. It looks like colour follows you wherever you go. Are all Indian trains that colorful? Here in Melbourne, our trains are not that decorative – just plain silver, metallic colours with a splash of blue that follows the train operator’s logo 😀

    1. Thank you Mabel. Not all the trains are this colorful. This is actually the Rajdhani Express – one of the premier trains in the country. And its my view that the engine was painted like this to commemorate something special…mark a special event. Although I can’t say what! Regular trains either blue or a faded maroon!

  2. Stunning photographs… Seeing so many colors at a time work wonders to lift your mood. 😀

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