From Geeks to Bikes, the Weekend That Was


The days seem to be flying past and it’s almost unbelievable that we are in July already. I reckon, that this may have a lot to do with the fantastic city I live in! With every weekend filled with fun things to do, Johannesburg is alive and kicking, even in winter. The vibe, the spirit and enthusiasm of people to come out and do things, is what makes this city so remarkable.

Unlike most weekends, I did not really have an agenda for this weekend. I was more in the ‘will figure it out as we go’ mode. But K surprised me – he actually HAD plans, for both days!! It seems that we were to to go the Geek Fest on Saturday and a bike show on Sunday. I wasn’t keen on either of these two events but decided to play along.


Man on stilts to a robot!
Man on stilts to a robot

We arrived at Huddle Park, the venue for the Geek fest, at around 12pm on Saturday, and stood in queue for almost 15 mins before we could even get in! Nothing could have prepared me for the crowds that were thronging that place. Never had I imagined that so many people – geeks and non-geeks, alike, would be so enthusiastic about this fest. I was positively surprised.

We spent the next couple of hours people watching and stall gazing. Everything from games to masks, swords, wands, magic potions and costumes seem to be on sale. There were competitions like robo-wars, zombie run, fighting a knight, a mortal combat tournament and many more. Having spent the afternoon in the company of batman, spiderman, the hulk, zombies, knights and even John Snow from the Game of Thrones, who wouldn’t say it was fun!

Don't know what this game was!
Don’t know what this game was!

Having spent Saturday in a geeky manner, why should Sunday be any less exciting. So off we went to Germiston for the bike show organised by the Classic Motorcycle Club of Johannesburg. This is an annual event organised by the club which not only attracts bike enthusiasts from all over the city and beyond to come together and display their bikes, but also encourages them to mingle with the biking community at large. Again, I was surprised at the turnout. Hadn’t imagined the biking community to be such a thriving one!



The show had vintage, veteran and classic motorcycles on display. However, it wasn’t just these bikes that were worth seeing; the hundreds of bikes that people actually rode to get to the show, were equally magnificent. Harley-Davidsons, Ducatis, Triumphs, BMWs, Hayabusas, Yamahas, Royal Enfields – the list was endless. If a non-bike person like me was in awe, then you can imagine what the event was for a real bike enthusiast. It was fun to see K gushing over a different bike every second!

So if you are out there, regretting that you missed these great events don’t fret – they are both held annually. Just keep your eyes and ears open. And try something different this weekend – it  could be fun!



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