Kota Joe Roadhouse – Boksburg


Loud pumping music, bright neon lights, a huge tv screen and tons of cars – welcome to Kota Joe Roadhouse! When K and a friend suggested we stop at Kota Joe for dinner on the way back from the airport one night, I was quite excited. Having never been to a roadhouse before, I did not know what to expect. But nothing could have prepared me for the experience I had!

Located on the busy North Rand road, this place is hard to miss with its blazing lights and bevy of cars. tThe concept is simple – drive in, join one of the queues, wait for a server to hand you the menus, place your order and within minutes you will be devouring some great kotas and burgers in the comfort of your car. If eating inside does not appeal to you, then they also have a small sit out, fitted with a small TV and heaters for the cold nights.


Even on a Wednesday night, the place was thronging with cars. The music and the lights added a fun and party vibe to the eatery. While the big screen was showing some music videos, they had another smaller screen showing cartoons for the kids! I just liked the fact that they had thought about the small details.

The grilled chicken kota
The grilled chicken kota

As the name suggests, the place is famous for its Kotas. Kotas have been and still are very popular in South African townships. They are hollowed out pieces of bread which are filled with french fries and then topped with your choice of meat or eggs or veggies and seasoned with various sauces. Kota actually comes from the word ‘quarter’ which refers to the quarter of the loaf of bread used.

Besides kotas, Joe’s also serves a variety of burgers, rolls and pizza. Their thick, creamy milkshakes besides being delicious, are also quite helpful in washing all this food down!

PS: This is not a fine dining experience! If you don’t like loud music or eating in the car, this place is not for you.



Address: 141, North Rand Road, Boksburg (they have other stores too, please check the website)

Opening hours: 

Mon-Thurs: 10am to 10pm

Fri-Sat: 10am to 12am

And this goes withput saying!
And this goes without saying!

4 thoughts on “Kota Joe Roadhouse – Boksburg

  1. This looks like a very American kind of place, like an American burger roadside kind of joint. Such a cool thing to have in Joburg. So many burger choices too, must have been a hard time making your choice of dinner. I suppose the Kotas gives this whole place a South African touch – never heard of that kind of food before, I would love to try it one day but the portion looks massive 😀

    1. Yes Mabel…a very American concept but with a south african touch! The kotas were really delicious. …but not that huge. They look big in the picture but are quite manageable. Really unhealthy food..but who likes the healthy onea anyway!!

  2. I went to the Kota Joe’s in Edenvale recently and loved it. I hear the Boksburg location is much bigger though — need to check it out soon. I actually want to do a big post about roadhouses in the East Rand, just need to check out a few more. I love the American nostalgia 🙂

    1. The idea of the post sounds awesome…go for it! I had no clue that edenvale had a branch too until I visited the boksburg one. You must go…quite funky!

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