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If you are truly a Joburg foodie, chances are that you would have either been to or at least heard of the Cube Tasting Kitchen. It is not everyday that a restaurant gets rated number #1 by Tripadvisor. The Cube Tasting Kitchen is one of its kind – offering a ten course meal that changes every month, the restaurant promises its diners a unique experience in experimental cooking.

Located in Parktown North, the restaurant is pretty no-frills in its decor. However, what it lacks in ambience, it more than makes up for, in its food. Bookings have to be made in advance (way in advance for weekends), and diners are split between the two venues that the restaurant owns. Each has its own kitchen and its own set of chefs and servers and looked equally comfortable.

The first course - Textures
The first course – Textures

The ten course meal, spread over a period of approximately three hours, is served in bite sized portions. What is really great is that after each course is served, the chefs come around to each table to explain the dish and diners are encouraged to ask questions. The presentation of food, the interplay of flavours and the different textures – its a gastronomical journey that you would not mind paying for!

Our ten course meal consisted of things such as cucumber foam, corn fritters filled with ice cream and served in a tortilla soup, a tequila based palate cleanser, pap & chakalaka like you’ve never tasted before, bar-b-qued duck, mint turkish delight, elements of orange and ten different chocolates that were to die for. There were tons of other elements that I simply cannot remember now but each dish was simply delicious.

The desserts and a palate cleanser
The desserts and a palate cleanser


Address: 17 4th Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg.

Opening Hours: Open for dinners from Tuesday to Saturday.

One of the main courses - Duck
One of the main courses – Duck

7 thoughts on “Cube Tasting Kitchen

  1. I really like minimalist presentation 🙂 ten meals – that sounds the chef should be extra creative to present the dish! Thank you for the review!

    1. Oh the chefs were extremely creative…but to be able to eat all of those 10 portions…that’s a different story altogether!

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