27 Boxes – A ‘Contained’ Shopping Experience!


After a long wait, the much anticipated ‘27 Boxes‘ is finally open. So what’s this big hype? It’s just another shopping mall, eh! Hell no! 27 Boxes is a unique concept – made entirely out of shipping containers, this place is far from the bustling, glitzy malls of the city, that seem to kill all the joy I might ever have for shopping.

Inspired by the Boxpark in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the designers of 27 Boxes seem to have achieved a remarkable feat. Not only is this place a first of its kind in all of South Africa, but it also shows how a little imagination and deviation from the norm, can lead to such interesting outcomes.

I just loved the concept here
I just loved the concept of this store

Nestled amid the quirky shops of 4th Avenue in Melville, the location of this centre could not have been better. Spread over two levels, the shops range from fresh flowers to fresh cakes; from creative jewellery to a shop where you could design and print your own T-shirst; from home decor to toe porn and from a coffee roastery to a cronut shop (cronuts are a new take on doughnuts and croissants!). What I really liked about 27 Boxes was the open space. It has a nice amphitheatre with a kids park on one side with plans to host live music and events, and a garden (still developing), that runs around. A nice big underground parking, further saves the shopper from the hassles of street parking.

While the majority of shops are up and running, there are a few that haven’t yet opened. But it is still worth a visit especially if you are like me – always egging to try something new! The bigger shops seem to have card machines, but some of the smaller ones don’t. So make sure you have some cash or use snapscan.

A health-food/juice bar
A health-food/juice bar



75, 3rd Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm

Monday: Closed

Public Holidays: 9am to 2pm

A pretty cake shop


6 thoughts on “27 Boxes – A ‘Contained’ Shopping Experience!

  1. Using shipping containers for housing, shopping and eating seems to be something that is catching on in Europe and now Africa. In Canada we are a bit behind the times – even though there’s thousands of containers sitting down in the city’s port… Hmmm…

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