Erawan Thai Restaurant, Bedfordview


When it comes to Thai food, I am quite partial to Sai Thai in Cyrildene. K and I have been regulars there for a long time now. But a few weeks back, some friends suggested we try Erawan. I had noticed this swanky new restaurant, located very conveniently at the Bedford Village Shopping centre, but did not think of trying it, until recently.

Erawan is a Cape Town chain and brings to Joburg some really authentic Thai flavours – which can be really hard to find! The name Erawan means the Elephant God in Thai and the walls in the restaurant pay due respect to it! The decor is stylish and comfortable, with Thai overtones. The hostesses that greet you at the door are also decked in traditional Thai clothes. They have more than ample seating – both indoors as well as outdoors. But I found the indoors to be more cosy. Blame it on the winter!

Crispy Duck - the best I have had
Crispy Duck – the best I have had

Coming to the most important bit – the food. Since we were with friends who had already eaten at Erawan earlier, we left the choice to them. Between the four of us, we ordered 3 types of dim sums – spinach and cream cheese, spicy chicken with coriander and the spicy beed with mushrooms. Although each portion of dumplings mentioned only 3 pieces, since we were four, the chef sent us four each. This little gesture really won the place for us.

For the main course, we ordered the crispy duck, which was a plate of deboned duck served with veggies and oyster sauce. This dish came highly recommended and after eating it, we knew exactly why. The duck was juicy and full of flavour and the medium-hot oyster sauce was just divine. The other dish we ordered was the pan fried crispy pork, also a chef’s special. The pork was perfectly cooked and I loved the crunch of the meat with each bite. To go with the mains, we also had some pad thai noodles and an egg fried rice. The hotness quotient of Erawan is on the higher side so we ordered all dishes to medium. It is best to confirm this before you order.

Crispy Pork
Crispy Pork

Despite the fact that I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I was dying to try their desserts. After the great mains, it was only fair that we go the entire way. So we ordered chocolate spring rolls to share, and were not disappointed. Beautiful pastry filled with dark chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream. Now how could you say no to that!

Although Sai Thai will remain my favourite, I am so glad we found Erawan. It is one of the best Thai food restaurants in Joburg. So be sure to try it.



Village View Shopping Centre, Bedfordview, East Rand

Opening Hours:

Mon to Sun: 11:30am-10:00pm

Chocolate Spring Rolls
Chocolate Spring Rolls


7 thoughts on “Erawan Thai Restaurant, Bedfordview

      1. We’ve just been so preoccupied with a bunch of other things since returning from travelling. Our most recent task is that we’ve been focusing on the epic job of decluttering our place. Finding our focus and trying to get a happy medium with everything. Boy, is that hard?!! But we are trying to get back into it and spend the time in a hobby we enjoy… the blogging and of course the travelling 🙂 Plenty of people that we want to catch up with and see what they are up to… You one of them 🙂
        How have you been?

      2. Aah decluttering is a mammoth task! Its funny how we humans hoard so much. The more space we have the more we feel the need to ‘fill’ it! Happy to have you guys back. Joburg is the same…happy, vibey and exciting. Although I now feel that I am slowly reaching the bottom…been there, done that kinda thing. Looking forward to some travelling though. You will hear about it in a few weeks 😉

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