Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet

Mauritius, September 2014
Mauritius, September 2014
Pavement art, Clarens
Pavement art, Clarens

Managed to find some old pictures for this week’s challenge – beneath your feetThe first picture is from our trip to Mauritius and the second is from Clarens in the Free State, South Africa.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet

    1. Thanks Indah! Was just chatting with a friend who went for her very first dive somewhere here in SA. Was remebering all of your posts and pictures! If only I wasn’t so scared. ..would have tried diving too 🙂

    1. I know. ..its really sad. We only find this kind of tiling in old preserved buildings. Don’t know if you have seen, in West bengal too, the old bungalows used to have such lovely marble work on the floor. They were b&w but so beautiful.

      1. I especially loved the color cement work, the black and whites and the red and black. Our old home used to have the red and black chessboard pattern on the floor of the hall. I think those kaarigars are also gone now.

      2. Yes I grew up admiring them too. But no one does it anymore. Karigars have gone because no house/apartment seems to want them. Sad.

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