Weekly Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary


Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the regeneration and up-liftment of forgotten and disadvantaged localities in Joburg. Seen here is a huge mural being painted by Australian artist ADNATE, for the City of Gold Festival that took place just a few weeks ago. I took a walk with Past Experiences to check out the work-in-progress and was amazed to see the talent and the vibrant colours all around.

About the festival: 

“The aim of City Of Gold is to establish Johannesburg as a destination for graffiti and street artists from around the world and assist the development of the local graffiti/street art community. In addition to this the festival seeks to highlight the positive aspects of this art form as well as involving the general public to create a heightened awareness and appreciation for it.

The individual events and mural projects will attempt to activate and enhance sites in the Johannesburg CBD that are often feared or forgotten by the city’s inhabitants”.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary

    1. Oh yes Tina, there are tons of local artists too who not only participate in these challenges but also paint in the city throughout the year. If you browse my blog for more graffiti posts, you see a lot of their work – Bias, Rasty and Mars are few of the local artists.

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