The Great Indian Annual Pilgrimage

I have been MIA in the real sense; i.e missing in action for almost a month now! K and I were away on our annual trip to India and were busy hopping between his hometown Delhi, my hometown Raniganj (a small town in West Bengal), with short visits to Kolkata, Lucknow and Agra thrown in! Despite this holiday not being touristy in nature, careful planning is … Continue reading The Great Indian Annual Pilgrimage

Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio

A trio of ingredients that go into the ubiquitous ‘paan’ or betel leaf. In India, chewing paan dates back to thousands of years and is a favourite palate cleanser and mouth freshener of a lot of Indians. The popularity of this modest leaf has ensured that paan shops dot every corner and street in the country. On a recent trip to India, while waiting for a paan … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio