Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio


A trio of ingredients that go into the ubiquitous ‘paan’ or betel leaf. In India, chewing paan dates back to thousands of years and is a favourite palate cleanser and mouth freshener of a lot of Indians. The popularity of this modest leaf has ensured that paan shops dot every corner and street in the country. On a recent trip to India, while waiting for a paan myself, I decided to do what most tourists do – take a picture!!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio

  1. I’ve actually never tried paan! Would love to try it though. When I was little, my Indian friends chewed it all the time. From the pots, it looks like it comes in different flavours? It’s a good shot 🙂

    1. Aah..not sure if you would like it Mabel! The better leaf comes in different varieties – some are mild while a few are quite coarse and bitter. So the flavours can also vary by the leaf used! To that they add a lot of other stuff. What you see in the pots are some of the things that go into every paan – the first and second pot from the right, are essential ingredients. You can then make the paan more sweet or less sweet by adding tons of other things, that are not visible in the picture. It’s quite a packet packed into one leaf 🙂

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