Charity Walks, Rescue Dogs and Some Christmas Magic

I know I have been really irregular with my blog posts these past several weeks. Well, most of it, I am happy to say, has been because I have been utterly busy! What with the holiday season, parties, Christmas markets and a little something about me getting a job!! Yes, it’s taken a long while but more on that later.

Christmas time is all about giving so this past Saturday, K and I participated in the Bedford Walk for Charity. All proceeds were donated to St. Giles and Avalon, which are homes for people living with disabilities. Not only did the walk help raise money for the homes, but it also created awareness about these places and helped highlight the great work that they do. Both these places provide accommodation, basic care, therapy and food to people with disabilities. It was great to see the community coming out in full force. The young, the old and the disabled, all walking together for a great cause. The weather also played along and despite the severe heat wave all week – EL Nino and all that, Saturday saw a cool and cloudy day!

Raring to go at the Bedford Charity Walk
Kisses for Sale!!
Kisses for Sale!!

Christmas is not Christmas until you go to half-a-dozen Christmas markets!! And of course, Joburg has no dearth of these. Starting with Kamers (which is not really a Christmas market, but oh what the hell), a pop-up market in Rosebank, the SPCA Christmas market and then the Woodrock Christmas Market. While most of these markets are little different from one another, it’s the SPCA and Woodrock ones that are really special to me – both being animal rescue organisations, similar to the one we got our little Mia from. These organisations work tirelessly day and night to rescue and rehabilitate animals that have either been abandoned, or are being ill-treated or are suddenly deemed unwanted by their humans (something I cannot get my head around). So when they organise a market for such a worthy cause, how can we not go! These markets are small and simple. Not for the arty, glitzy people looking to buy expensive knick-knacks. But definitely for the animal lovers who are out to have a great time and make a contribution in any way possible. Mia is the one who has the best time at these markets – she gets cuddles and treats from absolute strangers, new balls and toys from us and a chance to spend the entire morning out of doors! Now that is a win-win for all of us. A happy dog means a happy life!

So this Christmas, give a little.

Mia and K enjoying a walk after the market
Mia and K enjoying a walk after the market

2 thoughts on “Charity Walks, Rescue Dogs and Some Christmas Magic

  1. The walk for charity sounded like fun, and all for a good course. I’m sure everyone was cheering on those with special needs to make it to the finish line – such a fun day for everyone 🙂 Mia is one very popular dog. She must have a friendly vibe around her all the time…or maybe she is simple a people person 🙂

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