Restaurant Review: Under The Trees Garden Cafe


It is always good to know your neighbours; especially the ones who give you great food recommendations! Last week, while casually chit chatting with an old neighbour, I came to know of a beautiful cafe located just 15 minutes in Lyndhurst

As the name suggests – Under the Trees Garden Cafe – is located at the Schafflers Nursery, amid beautiful tress and water bodies. It would be difficult to imagine such a quiet and serene place situated off a busy main road!

We walked in through the nursery, with its wide array of plants and flowers, koi ponds brimming with multi-coloured fish and pretty water features. The cafe itself was surrounded by tons of trees and thick foliage, with each table further protected under huge umbrellas so that not an ounce of sunlight could bother diners like me who seem to shift the position of their chairs with each ray of the sun! The cafe also has a large indoors section for those cold and rainy days.


What I loved about the place was the serenity. Smack in the middle of the city and yet so far from all the hustle bustle. A very cheerful waitress took us to a nice corner table and brought us our drinks in no time. Wherever possible, I opt for fresh juices and here at this cafe, they had my favourite – carrot juice. I asked them to add some cucumber to it and it was the perfect choice for a hot summer afternoon. The cafe serves breakfast and light lunches – meaning lots of salads, sandwiches, home-made pies, etc. Both K and I went for the salmon and cream cheese combination. Mine was in a toasted bagel while his was an open sandwich. It was so fresh and lightened we loved it so much that I have had to go to Woolies and stock up on salmon!


On our way out, we walked into their indoor sect and the baked goods in the display cabinet looked very delicious. However, those will have to wait until another visit.

PS: The cafe is pet-friendly too!


Address: 28 Johannesburg Rd, Johannesburg,

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8:00 am – 17:00 pm



4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Under The Trees Garden Cafe

  1. Hi Namz, Salmon and cream cheese on toasted bagel is fantastic! Much adored combination by the Scandinavians in particular , if you make the recipe at home, try mixing mayonnaise plus sour cream to the cream cheese to make a yummies spread on the bagel !

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