Restaurant Review: The National Eatery and Speakeasy


Just when I thought Park town North had reached a saturation point in terms of eateries, a spanking new one opens up….with rave reviews at that! So obviously I feel morally and gastronomically bound to stuff face and pretend I only do this for the love of my blog!

The National Eatery opened its doors a few month ago and has already made quite a stir among the Joburg foodies. After a few  failed attempts at trying to get a table last minute for dinner, I made a booking a week in advance for lunch this weekend. We arrived at noon and were the first ones (and the only ones for quite a while). I assume that the dinner service is the really busy one.


The decor is simple and trendy with modern and quirky lights, colourful walls and a large bar area near the entrance. The place is not very big but they have a few tables outdoors too. The restaurant works on a ‘farm to table’ kind of theme and gets all its produce including eggs, veggies, meats and poultry, from the Djack family farm in Magaliesberg. A very cool concept really!

The service was quick and friendly and our drinks and starters came in no time. I had a lovely mojito – good cocktails are hard to come by in this beer and wine drinking city. For starters, K and I shared a portion of Homemade Pork Tacos. There were two tacos, beautifully laid out on a black slab of rock, and stuffed with really smoky pork. The portion size was small but the tacos were delicious.

Pork Tacos
Pork Tacos

For the mains, we were joined by two of our friends and between the four of us we devoured two burgers, a ‘smoky’ mac n cheese and a plate of bangers and a divine mash. I loved the way each dish was plated – very pretty. One of the burgers was a beef burger with bacon, halloumi and pickles while the other was a pork and fennel one with teriyaki sauce. The patties were good although a little dry. I had the mac n cheese with the rather smoky bacon bits . All the cheese transported me back to my childhood!

Overall, a pleasant lunch experience with decent food, although a tad pricey in my opinion.



Address: 19, 4h Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg

Contact: 011 327 3030

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat: 12-10pm

Sun: closed

Churros for dessert
Churros for dessert


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: The National Eatery and Speakeasy

  1. Pity to hear the patties were a little dry. But they look so big and chunky and I bet very filling. Not sure if I’d be able to finish one whole burger by myself 😀 The mac and cheese does look good. Churros to top it off for dessert. Now this was quite a meal and hope you and everybody savoured it 🙂

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