We moved to Paris baby!

For those of you that have been following this blog and my journey, you would know by now that whenever a place starts to feel like home to us, it’s an indication that it’s time to up and move! So after three wonderful years in London, on a crisp spring morning in April 2019, we packed our bags and moved across the channel.

Moving from London to Paris has to be one of the shortest, easiest and most straight forward re-location from one country to another. You can choose to take the Eurostar, or drive across on a ferry or the channel train, or take a flight if that’s your preferred mode. Way too many options, really! They might have you believe that the French & the English actually like each other!!

For us however, there were really only two options. Since the Eurostar does not allow dogs – they really should start allowing them in at least one carriage – that option was out. We didn’t want to take a flight as Mia would have to go in the undercarriage, so flying was not an option either. We could either take the car and go across on a ferry or the channel train. But given that we were moving and not going to be coming back to the UK anytime soon, we had, like always, disposed off our car. We could either hire a car or take a taxi across. Hiring a car was way too expensive given that we would have had to drop it off in France. Also, if you take pets on the ferry, you need to leave them in the car – alone – for the duration of the journey. Not something I wanted to do really. (Note: most ferries do not allow foot passengers with pets. I had considered that too).

In the end, taking a taxi from London to Paris worked out to be the most viable option. Definitely not the cheapest though but the most convenient and least stressful for Mia. So after much research, I booked a ride with Folkstone Taxi. They had very good reviews and were pet friendly. Everything worked like clockwork and on a bright sunny day, we said Bonjour Paris!

The Euro Tunnel train

Moving Mia from the UK to France was a cakewalk in terms of the paper work. Nothing like what we had to do when we moved from South Africa to the UK. (You can read about that here). All she needed was a valid pet passport with details of her rabies vaccines and her micro chip. A pet passport is easily available from any authorised local vet in the UK or Europe. It comes at a small fee and is usually ready for collection in a few days.

We had already found a pet friendly apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and all we needed to do was wait a few days for all our stuff to arrive so we could move into our new home.

Snug as a bug in her new apartment

10 thoughts on “We moved to Paris baby!

    1. Merci beaucoup! It’s so nice to hear from you….and to be back in the blogosphere. Hope all is well with you in these trying times.

      1. yes, I’m fine, thanks. How about you. What’s the reason for your move? Brexit? I’d like to read more from you again

  1. That sounds like a much easier move than the one from South Africa to the UK! We just arrived in New Zealand and want to be snug as a bug for a long time to come 🙂 Benji

    1. Oh Benji, you and Da Sky moved all the way from the US to NZ…that’s big travel mate! Hats off to you. I’ve just managed to read a few of your posts but will follow your journey more going forward. Was there quarantine?
      For us yes, moving from the UK was easy peasy, settling in not so much. You will hear more in the coming days 🙂
      But super impressed with you long haul.

      1. Thanks, and welcome! We were in quarantine for 10 days in NZ. The kennel was super nice. We got hugs and cuddles throughout the day just like the regular customers. This was pre COVID-19… After the quarantine we stayed at Airbnbs for 3 weeks until we found a rental place. It’s nice to grow roots again. Benji

  2. Welcome back.. A lot seems to have changed since your last blog when you were relocating from SA to London.
    I hope you love your home in Paris and post a lot about what you explore.

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