A walk through the streets of Paris

This week, France relaxed some of the confinement restrictions imposed on account of COVID-19. We were now allowed to leave home without having to carry an attestation stating why we were out AND we could go further than the 1km limit.

So today I decided to just take a walk along the river and head to the city’s main areas – through the Concorde, the Louvre, Les Halles, the Opera, etc. I walked almost about 12 kms over some four hours and loved every bit of it.

While the roads were somewhat busy, the sidewalks were not. I realised that without the tourists, the city was really calm and almost deserted. It just felt so magical walking down the areas usually thronged by people. But not having any cafes and restaurants – the lifeblood of the city – open, felt really odd.

Since moving from London, I had been comparing London & Paris and have been asking myself which one of the two did I prefer. Well, today, I might have the answer. Seeing Paris today was quite a revelation and while I really loved living in London and would still choose London over Paris to live, I have to say that Paris is the prettier one! I mean…way prettier.

There’s just so much character oozing from every rue and every boulevard. The Haussmanian buildings, the intricate balconies, the doorways….each one tells a story.

Here are some pictures from my walk today:

(Click on the gallery to see the images)

2 thoughts on “A walk through the streets of Paris

  1. Breathtaking images . I was lucky enough to see Paris last Summer not realizing COViD will hit us all & change everyone’s present Summer, life & traveling in the present. Makes us appreciate our blessings even more. Thank you. Stay safe.

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