Restaurant Review – Lal Qila, Fordsburg

My friends from Pakistan had been harping about a new restaurant that recently opened its doors in Fordsburg. A well-known chain from Karachi called Lal Qila had decided to bring the delectable taste of Mughlai and traditional Pakistani food to South African shores! So without much ado or persuasion, I decided to find out if the food was as good as the restaurant’s reputation! Located … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Lal Qila, Fordsburg

Restaurant Review: The National Eatery and Speakeasy

Just when I thought Park town North had reached a saturation point in terms of eateries, a spanking new one opens up….with rave reviews at that! So obviously I feel morally and gastronomically bound to stuff face and pretend I only do this for the love of my blog! The National Eatery opened its doors a few month ago and has already made quite a stir among the Joburg … Continue reading Restaurant Review: The National Eatery and Speakeasy

Restaurant Review: Under The Trees Garden Cafe

It is always good to know your neighbours; especially the ones who give you great food recommendations! Last week, while casually chit chatting with an old neighbour, I came to know of a beautiful cafe located just 15 minutes in Lyndhurst As the name suggests – Under the Trees Garden Cafe – is located at the Schafflers Nursery, amid beautiful tress and water bodies. It would … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Under The Trees Garden Cafe

Restaurant Review : Flames

It was my birthday recently and as per tradition, K took me out to dinner. He chose Flames, the swanky new casual dining restaurant at the recently opened Four Seasons Hotel Westcliff. This hotel, formerly the Westcliff, is built on a hill, offering sweeping views of the surrounding area. Cobbled lanes, quaint balconies, elite charm and a stunning setting – this was my first impression … Continue reading Restaurant Review : Flames