Mid-summer weekend trip – Lake Vänern

Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden and involves a lot of eating, drinking and frog- dancing around the maypole! This year the midsummer holiday fell on 19 June – which was a Friday, making it a long weekend. A long weekend for us = trip! So I immediately set about planning it. Given that it’s still Corona times, we decided that a … Continue reading Mid-summer weekend trip – Lake Vänern

Moving with pets to Sweden – everything you need to know

Relocations can be stressful at the best of times and when moving includes pets, it can get a bit too much sometimes. However, with a little bit of advance planning, the entire process can be really smooth and hassle-free. Having moved with Mia, our not-so-little pooch, from South Africa to the UK, then to France and now to Sweden – I can tell you this … Continue reading Moving with pets to Sweden – everything you need to know

Stockholm – my first impressions

Moving to a new city is always exciting and it’s completely different than when you are just visiting on a holiday. I feel that once you move to a place, you start viewing it in a very different light….somehow its deeper and more perceptive. That’s what I’ve been doing this past week in my new city, Stockholm – just observing and taking it all in. … Continue reading Stockholm – my first impressions