Exploring the Champagne region

One of the last weekend trips we did before France was put under a strict lockdown, was to the renowned Champagne region. Located just 150 kms north-east of Paris, it can easily be covered in a day-trip or over a weekend, if you want to explore a little more. With about 22 trains running daily from Paris Gare de l’Est to Reims (pronounced as RANCE), … Continue reading Exploring the Champagne region

Even the best laid plans can be bungled

Just a few days ago, I told all of you we were on the move again. Well, we were and then suddenly we weren’t. Our apartment was all packed up, appliances and items sold or given away, plants – our precious plants – sent off to caring homes, and the apartment all scrubbed. Basically everything was in order. But then COVID 19 struck. From the … Continue reading Even the best laid plans can be bungled

Mia Musings is on the move again!

Seven years, four countries, three continents….and counting. We’ve barely been in Paris a year and it’s time bid this city au revoir already. I know this one came around a little too quickly, but hey, this vagabond lifestyle quite becomes us now I think! However, moving in times of a pandemic is a completely different ball game, and across borders no less. But where are … Continue reading Mia Musings is on the move again!

A walk through the streets of Paris

This week, France relaxed some of the confinement restrictions imposed on account of COVID-19. We were now allowed to leave home without having to carry an attestation stating why we were out AND we could go further than the 1km limit. So today I decided to just take a walk along the river and head to the city’s main areas – through the Concorde, the … Continue reading A walk through the streets of Paris