Graffiti tour in the heart of Newtown

As mentioned in an earlier post (My first impressions about Johannesburg), I was raring to explore what the locals call the inner city of Jo’burg. While trying to figure out how to do this without taking undue risks (I was still new in Johannesburg and had been advised by all and sundry against such expeditions especially in this part of town), I chanced upon a … Continue reading Graffiti tour in the heart of Newtown


Hamba kahle in Zulu means “go well”.  Last week the world lost one of the greatest men of our times – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. I feel lucky to be in South Africa at this momentous time. The outpouring of love and respect for Madiba is unimaginable, unfathomable. But the thing that touched me most was the fact that the people are not crying or mourning … Continue reading HAMBA KAHLE, MADIBA