Stockholm – my first impressions

Moving to a new city is always exciting and it’s completely different than when you are just visiting on a holiday. I feel that once you move to a place, you start viewing it in a very different light….somehow its deeper and more perceptive. That’s what I’ve been doing this past week in my new city, Stockholm – just observing and taking it all in. … Continue reading Stockholm – my first impressions

Huddle Park – Doggie Park in the East Rand

I wonder why it has taken me so long to write about Huddle Park. Mia and I are regulars there and go several times a week. Its been over a year since a friend told me about this great place where I could take Mia and let her run free. Huddle Park is still relatively unknown to most dog lovers in the area, making it a secret … Continue reading Huddle Park – Doggie Park in the East Rand

A trip back in ‘medieval’ times

Last weekend, Neigh-Bours, South Africa’s equine social network (I know right, you learn something new everyday!!), organised a Medieval Fayre! From kings and queens, fair maidens and sirs, knights and dragon slayers, wizards and freaks – the fair had attracted one and all. Archery, pillow fights, magic potions, unicorn rides, sword fighting and performances with fire lamps ensured a good time for everyone. Here are … Continue reading A trip back in ‘medieval’ times