Daily Dish – a new way of cooking!

While I like stirring up some exciting new dishes every now and then, I am not a big fan of everyday cooking. But last week was an exciting one in the kitchen! Thanks to a contest hosted by another Joburg blogger – 2Summers, I won a week’s free trial of this new service in SA called the Daily Dish. It’s an extremely simple idea that … Continue reading Daily Dish – a new way of cooking!

67 Minutes on Mandela Day

This post is a little late as Mandela Day was last week. Nevertheless, I think the subject is important especially today, when humanity stands by either complicitly or unconsciously or helplessly, as it always does. In Gaza, where we try to justify the killing of innocent kids playing on the beach or shelling of hospitals; or in Ukraine where we down a civilian airplane and … Continue reading 67 Minutes on Mandela Day