Happily Ever Laughter!

2015-08-14 09.39.59

What’s in a name they say? With one like ‘Happily Ever Laughter‘ – a lot, I would reckon!

Happily Ever Laughter, believe it or not, is the name of a cafe in Bedfordview. Its uniqueness lies not just in the name but also in the kind of place it is. Yes it is a cafe, but one with a difference. The place doubles up as a kids entertainment/play area as well. A gigantic slide dominates the nice and sunny outdoors area. For good measure, they have also thrown in several smaller play houses, a few bikes and other kiddies’ toys. A small track has also been built in the centre for the riding enthusiasts. Added to all this, there are child minders who will look after your precious ones while you take a much needed brunch break with your besties or just enjoy a cuppa with a good book.

Kids play area outside
                                                           Kids play area outside

The cafe itself is very warm and pleasantly designed with white walls, classy chandeliers and elegant displays. The huge marmite and peanut butter stools immediately caught my fancy! They have a large indoors as well as a patio over looking the kids area. The variety of food on offer is quite wide – from omelettes and flapjacks for breakfast to salads, wraps, pizzas and pastas for lunch, and a separate a kid’s menu of course.


Since my friend and I were there for breakfast, we both opted for their signature omelette, the Meat Eater. While the two of us sat there enjoying our three egg omelette stuffed with mince & peppers, my friend’s two year old was happy playing in the doll house. It was a win-win for all!

So if you have young kids and are looking for a place where you can grab a peaceful meal without having to run around after them, this is the place to go. The cafe is also available for parties and events and I am told that they are soon to open a play group too. More information is available on their website.



Address: 24A Riley Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg

Opening Hours: Tues to Sat – 9am to 8pm

Sun – 9am to 4pm

Mon – closed


9 thoughts on “Happily Ever Laughter!

  1. Such a cozy cafe fit for adults and kids. It looks like a great place to unwind and play 😉 The chandeliers do look very pretty, and the omelette dish does look very appetising. I spy a big egg and crunchy toast. It looks like they serve some cakes and pastries as well? Overall, the cafe comes across as one big cozy dining room as opposed to a restaurant 🙂

    1. Oh i was so stuffed after all that food Mabel! But it is indeed a pretty little cafe. And I was worried that it would be too noisy with kids around – but it wasn’t! All the children seemed perfectly happy and were having a great time. There are a few other such places in Joburg and I do see why they are needed!

  2. It’s definitely a nice place for kids! I have been there before and was slightly disappointed- they didn’t have some of the items that appeared on their menu which made me a little upset. But overall, it’s a stunning place!

  3. That’s one thing that Jo’burg does so well – catering for families! There are so many great cafes to choose from. Bambanani in Melville is another one worth visiting if you have kids.

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