Interview on the Bright Expats Blog

A few weeks ago, I received a request from Bright Expats for an interview on my life as an expat in South Africa. Bright Expats is run by a great team of expats who offer coaching and relocation support to people moving to Belgium. A great resource for anyone looking to join the amazing world of expats.

Thank you for featuring me Bright Expats!



Her desire to discover the real South Africa has taken Namz from the inner city to leafy suburbs, from botanical gardens to nature reserves, from museums to theme parks. The blog Mia Musings is all about her experiences in the Rainbow Nation and the City of Gold… Travel, food, things to do, a few posts of Mia (her dog) and “anything else that catches my fancy”, she says.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your life as an expat?

I never planned on becoming an expat, or a blogger! But life is funny that way, and now, I find myself living outside my beloved India, and loving it too! An Indian by birth and soul, a traveller at heart and an investment analyst by profession – Kabir (my husband) and I decided to move to South Africa in 2013. He was offered a job here and after a bit of thinking, we decided to go for it. The time was right and it was a good opportunity. Living abroad was not new to me – having lived in the UK earlier – so moving was not a big deal.

Turning into a blogger was an entirely different thing, and not something that I had envisioned. As luck would have it, finding a job in SA turned out to be much harder than anticipated. So after trying long and hard, when nothing seemed to be materialise, I decided to start my blog (I needed a great deal of pushing and encouragement and for that I am glad).

Life as an expat in South Africa has been great. Settling in was easy and people were genuinely warm and welcoming. A few things that really worked for us was that language was not a barrier as English is widely spoken in SA; there is a huge Indian community here and Kabir’s company provided us with great relocation agents. So at least we had people to assist us in the initial phase. Now, after almost 3 years here, we are one of the locals!


Read the rest of the interview here.

5 thoughts on “Interview on the Bright Expats Blog

  1. Lovely interview and I do agree with what you say about SA. It does have a really bad rep but you can live here without feeling your life is too constricted so long as you are careful. And I also agree it’s a very friendly country. We’re looking forward to our first trip away from Gautang, to Cape Town, so very excited about seeing another side of the country 🙂

    1. Thanks Clara! You will LOVE Cape Town 🙂 Hope you are also visiting the winelands. The entire area is extremely gorgeous. Have a great holiday!

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